Ancona International Airport against the violence against women

On the occasion of the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, Ancona International Airport takes part in the project “Not just a symbol”, launched by Scarpetta Rossa – an association on the front line to fight the social scourge of violence against women.

It is a social campaign to raise awareness of the serious problem of physical and psychological abuse of women, aimed at Italian municipalities and all places with large public turnout. The initiative is very simple but has a strong symbolic value: the installation of a red bench thus becomes not only a symbol of the fight against violence, but also a tool of public utility since a plaque has been affixed to the same bench with the email and telephone contacts of Scarpetta Rossa Aps, which since 2014 has been structured to concretely help women who suffer violence and mistreatment.

In addition to Municipalities, Provinces and Regions of Italy, Ancona Airport has also joined the initiative. The red bench symbol of the initiative was installed at the Departures Terminal as a demonstration of the sensitivity that the airport company has towards this problem. Ancona International Airport in this way intends to disseminate the contacts of the Association in order to help victims of violence.