Ancona Airport is open and operating regularly, in compliance with the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Health and ENAC.

In order to protect the health of passengers and operators, visitors are invited to check the latest regulations and to comply with them.

Passenger obligations

People with symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19 or with a temperature above 37.5° are forbidden to enter the airport. Unless exempted by law (children under 6 years of age or people with particular conditions or disabilities determining their incompatibility), the use of a mask of the surgical or FFP2/KN95/FFP3 type is compulsory; said mask should be properly worn so as to cover the nose and chin while in the offices, during the stay in the airport and for the entire duration of the trip. Passengers are advised to carry a sufficient supply of masks, providing for replacements, if necessary. If you do not have a mask, you can purchase a surgical one from the airport ticket office.

Passengers are encouraged to check in online and avoid contact with operators. Where possible, passengers are also advised to check in hand luggage to reduce the number of items in the cabin. Finally, it is recommended that you strictly follow the Airline’s instructions on how to behave on board to ensure a safe, comfortable trip.

Airport safety measures

The central door is to be used for entering the Departures hall, while the two side doors are for leaving. Vertical signage is used to facilitate access to and movement within the airport complex.

Hand sanitising gel dispensers are available in common waiting areas.

In order to guarantee social distancing, access to security checks, boarding gates and passport checks has been arranged in such a way as to avoid crowds. In the check-in and baggage claim areas, appropriate ground signs have been set up to indicate the minimum distance to be observed.

Both departing and arriving passengers have their body temperature taken by means of a temperature scanner:

  • departing passengers with a temperature of 37.5° or higher are not allowed to enter the boarding area and must leave the Terminal through the side exit doors, keeping their distance from other passengers and staff and contacting their doctor and the Local Health Authority prevention department;
  • passengers arriving with a temperature of 37.5° or higher are entrusted to the health authorities, who will act according to the procedures in force.

Covid-19 screening service

A Covid-19 screening service is available in the Arrivals Hall from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, providing antigenic and molecular swab tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19 and serological tests to detect the presence or quantity of the SARS Cov-2 virus. The service is open to both passengers and non-passengers, without the need for a booking or prescription. The service is provided by the KOS group and is subject to payment. For further information, please call 071-2133551.

Travel requirements

Regulations regarding travel requirements are subject to changes, including sudden ones. The passenger is responsible for keeping abreast of local regulations and strictly complying with them, even if this means changing the travel plan.

Particular attention should be paid to requirements by health authorities of destination Countries in terms of certification types and validities, and to the possible request of locator forms to be filled before departure.

Since 1st September EU Digital Covid Certificate (“Green pass”) is a legal requirement to access any flight in Italy.

Passengers will be allowed to board only if the requirements by both Italian authorities and those of the destination Countries are met.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Viaggiare Sicuri website contains all the provisions relating to travel to and from foreign countries and provides access to online self-certification forms or to digital locator forms for the entry in Italy. When in doubt, it is always advisable to contact the authorities of the country of destination.