Airport regulations

This section contains the regulations that apply to all airport operators in order to ensure the smooth running and coordinated use of airport infrastructure, goods and services.

The management company and airport operators are required to comply with the contents of said regulations, and their respective activities must be carried out in accordance with the provisions thereof.

Airport access permissions issue/renewal and training pricelist.

Airport Passes


Access to the sanitised areas of  Ancona Airport by people and vehicles is regulated by an order issued by ENAC.

To obtain access permits enter the following link: and sign in. Please refer to to the instructions in the DEMO UTILIZZO section.

In case the digital system malfunctions please find below documentation and forms to send to to obtain permits.

Safety Management System


The Safety Management System as defined by ICAO is:

“A system for the management of safety at aerodromes, including the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and provisions for the implementation of aerodrome safety policies by an aerodrome operator, which provides for control of safety at, and the safe use of the aerodrome”.

The main objective of the SMS is accident prevention, which can be achieved through the identification, assessment, elimination or control of safety-related hazards down to levels considered as acceptable and controllable.

Assuming that hazards and risks are inherently connected with airport operations and that incidents and accidents are only the final result of a chain of procedural and organisational gaps/defects/errors, only a proactive type of management based on the spread of a positive safety culture at all levels of the organisation makes it possible to identify hazards and control/reduce/mitigate latent risks, thereby ensuring successful prevention. The SMS is a dynamic tool that ensures the monitoring of safety performance and its constant improvement.

One of the cornerstones of the Safety Management System is the reporting of events that could have directly or indirectly contributed (or have contributed) to the occurrence of incidents or accidents. Every operator and airport user has the right/duty to report, even anonymously, any event he/she has witnessed which has or could have endangered the safety of people, aircraft, vehicles and infrastructures.

The report can be made by filling in the special GSR (Ground Safety Report)

Aerdorica guarantees that the information collected is not intended or indirectly aimed at finding faults or personal liabilities, but exclusively at identifying any organisational shortcomings and the dynamics of the events reported, for the purpose of effective prevention.

Per ulteriori informazioni potete contattare:

Safety Manager: M. Letizia Bernabeo

Tel: 071 2827540
Mailing address:
Aerdorica SpA – Safety Manager
Piazzale Sordoni
Aeroporto delle Marche Raffaello Sanzio
60015 Falconara (Ancona)

Airside driving permit


Regolamento e Manuale Ramp Safety_Ed. 3 del 31_05_2022 MANUALE ADP – Rev_3_31_05_2022 –

MANUALE ADP – Rev_3_31_05_2022 –

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