The Tax Free service, which grants tourists residing outside the European Community who make purchases in one of the member states the right to request a VAT refund within three months of the date of purchase, is operational at the Ancona Airport Departure Terminal – landside area. The office is open daily from 7:05 am until the departure of the last flight.

The VAT refund application form, together with the purchased goods and the relevant invoice (or receipt), must be produced to the Customs Office for stamping. Without the customs stamp, the VAT refund form is not valid, and the refund cannot be made.

For further information, please call the following telephone numbers:

  • +39 071 2827243
  • +39 071 2827282
  • +39 071 2827283
  • +39 071 2827318
  • +39 071 9944463
  • +39 071 9944475